In which I dreamed


The Thousand Eyes

He left the thousand eyes

to hide amongst

the million

that shone

through light and dark

to pierce

the skies

in pinpoint defiance of the



lost, lost our time

look around

eyes behold in adoration

all around

silence endless abberation

shy galaxy

sleeping cosmic storm defiant


our time



our time lost again

subtle nebulae awakened


far away

Work begins on “Light”



Having conceptualized my next film, I have decided to go ahead with production.

It will be a piece that relies heavily on narration and minimalist sound and imagery.

Currently, the narrative is being edited, and the storyboarding is mid-production.


The idea came from brief notes I made on the ideas of darkness and light, how they are perceived and why.

I hope to have made some headway with the soundtrack before next week. Keep an ear out.

Page One

How do I introduce the book of lif?


I suppose in a way, that question is what led me here, to setting up this blog.

I could never think of how exactly I wanted to share my writings, or my concepts and animations and even music with a wider audience, but one day an idea occurred to me.

Perhaps if all of this information were to be contained in a single volume it would render itself accessible to the outside world


In reality of course, the book of lif is really an archive of thoughts that once escaped me through some medium or other, thoughts that made it to the page.

The true purpose of this site is to give me the incentive to “think forth” more regularly. So many are the ideas that once were but now are lost in the aether, lost because the thinker never made a record.


I hope that whoever finds the book of lif will look upon its pages and see not simply scribbles and nonsense passages, but that which lies between the lines – the heart of the author – and, most importantly, I hope that the book encourages you to think for yourselves, creatively, philosophically, ridiculously,  fleetingly or otherwise.


Now… turn the page.


T. S. Bennett